Using CH340 devices with OSX

I have several low-cost development boards that use the CH340/CH341 usb-to-serial chip for usb communication. Unfortunately, with OSX Sierra, the official CH340 driver cause a Kernel Panic (freeze + reboot) of the Mac when a device is connected. The reason is that the drivers are not signed correctly. I’ve found an alternative driver ($8) that was really worth the money.

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MicroPython and ESP8266

During the past 6 months  I have grown into a big fan of the Python programming language. I have also found a new passion in tinkering with the versatile and inexpensive ESP8266 microcontroller boards. For the embedded programming I usually stick with Arduino IDE and C/C++, but as there now is a Python implementation for ESP8266 available, I have to try it out and see if I can combine my two latest passions. In this post I will describe my first experiments with MicroPython on an ESP8266 board (an Adafruit Feather Huzzah).

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Adventures in Swift: exploring SpriteKit

I decided to have a go at Apple’s programming language Swift, and for some extra fun I opted for making a simple SpriteKit game for OS X. I have made the code available at GitHub in this repository.

Game play

One Knight, lots of soccer balls and a black hole that eats objects that comes close enough. The Knight scores 1 point for each ball that he can get into the black hole. There is a time limit of 1 minute to get as many soccer balls as possible into the black hole. If the Knight gets too close to the black hole, he will be devoured and it is game over.

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