Adventures in Swift: Making a blasting shoot’em up

For further fun and learning with Swift and game design, I decided to make a space shoot’em up in classic style for iOS. The code for the game can be fetched from this repository in GitHub:¬†


Game idea

The player commands a ship at the lower part of the screen and can move to the left and right to aim at enemies and upwards to trigger a thrust at the aliens¬†spawning ground. The background moves slowly downwards which creates an illusion of constant upward movement. Evil invading aliens ships appear from the top of the screen and moves downwards, sometimes shooting red deadly laser beams. The player’s task is to laser-blast the aliens to infinity and beyond without being hit by the aliens ships or lasers.

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Subway Sprinkler Ghosts

This is my first post just to try out WordPress. Well, why not share a soundcloud upload from my studio? I had some stereo field recordings from a Stockholm city trip that I wanted to incorporate into an ambient track. Also, I wanted to try out the sonic palette of my new Novation Mininova synth.