RFXtrx433E, Node-RED, MQTT and Home Assistant

This post describes how I have setup an RFXtrx433E device with a Raspberry Pi to transform data from inexpensive 433 MHz motion- and climate-sensors into MQTT messages on my local network. With the data available as MQTT messages I can store the data in InfluxDB for viewing in Grafana, show the data in Home Assistant and route the data to cloud services.

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A memory game with React

During Christmas I got a little bit bored so I spent some time creating a simple memory game with React, JavaScript and a set of old nature photographs of mine. I implemented two different versions that can be fetched from GitHub:

  1. Using the states in the React components for the game logic:
  2. Using Redux as state container:

Try them out, check out the code and see which version you prefer (you’re likely to not favour any of the versions, but anyway…). I prefer the Redux version as it made the game logic testable.